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Our History

Warners Chapel is among the oldest established churches of Christ in the eastern part of the United States and is the second oldest in the state of North Carolina. Around 1880, a small group from the Warner’s Community in the Styers Ferry Road area began to meet for worship in the old Warner’s schoolhouse. This led to identifying the congregation as Warners Chapel. This was a one-room log building located about three-tenths of a mile north of the present church building, located on what is now Lasater Lake Road. The schoolhouse was on the opposite side of the road from the present church building.

After meeting in the log school building for about thirteen years, the members at Warners Chapel began construction on their first building (picture above). At that time there were twelve members. The frame building was built in front of where the present building is located. Construction began in 1893 and was done by members and neighbors. The pews were even built by the members. The church met in this building until 1937 at which time the present building was erected on the same site.

In 1966, the church engaged in a $50,000 expansion and remodeling program. The auditorium was enlarged and wings were constructed to accommodate more educational facilities and classrooms. The auditorium will comfortably seat 325 persons. In 1949, a minister’s home was built directly across from the church building.

In 1996, the church expanded once again with a $100,000+ addition of an annex used as a fellowship room and preacher office. The main room is complete with restrooms, kitchen, and a huge open area. The basement has a completed office for the preacher and the remainder was left unfinished for future use.

In 2004 a new set of rest rooms were added off of the main foyer to meet the needs of the members and ADA requirements.

In 2006 the Warners Chapel congregation decided to start the N.C. School of Biblical Studies. The unfinished annex basement provided an excellent location to build classrooms, computer room, secretarial office and a break room. Classes began in the fall of 2007.

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