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1951 Bulletins

In February, Brother Sorrell penned a farewell message to the congregation following his 18 months serving the congregation. The bulletin was not published after July until October when Brother Vestal Chaffin became the new minister. Interestingly, the cover and format of the bulletin was changed by Brother Chaffin due to running out of the pre-printed paper. Several of the ladies became "reporters" and "typists" for the bulletin. In the November 4th edition it was announced that the elders had opted for a 4-page full size bulletin which began with the November 14th edition which would be mailed to members and others as suggested. In these bulletins, Brother Chaffin began to answer in great detail (sometimes covering several weeks of bulletins) questions that had been mailed to him concerning subjects such as instrumental music, auxiliaries and the use of the term “reverend.”

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