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Outside Evangelism

  • Malaysia Work
    • Charlie Dipalma continues to teach the gospel in Malaysia with his wife, Mary. They teach several congregations throughout the area they live in. They are having Christian growth classes on Thursday at the Subang Jaya (SJ) church of Christ. Also on Tuesdays, they are having an in-depth study of the Bible. These classes bring members of the church of Christ from five different congregations. Brother DiPalma is teaching these brethren about the many blessings our God gives us; along with the seriousness to respond to the true church for which our Lord Jesus Christ shed His blood. We encourage each member to read Brother DiPalma's report that is sent to us on a regular basis and continue to pray for this work. 
  • Zambia School of Biblical Studies 
    • This two year preaching school continues to train gospel preachers who will go out after graduation to their villages or towns and preach the gospel in Zambia and surrounding African countries. The school has graduated 160 from eleven classes since it's beginning in 1988. Many of the past graduates are teaching in other preaching schools in African countries. This is following Paul's instructions to Timothy in II Timothy 2:2. Warners Chapel will keep our financial support this school at a level that will allow them to accept 25 students for the 2010-2011 class. The 2010-2011 class began with 26. Some have dropped out for various reasons. At this time the number still in 2010-2011 class is 19.  

  • Livingstone, Zambia

    • Warners Chapel provides partial financial support for Lenford Siakwasiya who lives and works in a rural area known as Ngwezi. Lenford and his wife have seven children. 

  • India Work
    • Warners Chapel continues to help support the work of Brother P. R. Swamy and his son Vernon Douglas in and around Bangalore, India and the southern part of India. Brother Swamy preaches on the radio to thousands of listeners. He and the preachers he has trained convert hundreds of souls each year. He and his son Vernon Douglas works with the "Bangalore Institute of Biblical Studies", sponsored by Double Springs church of Christ of Cloverdale, AL as well as traveling to other areas of Southern India.

  • Nicaraguan Work
    • In, 2010, Warners Chapel began supporting the Tierra Prometida (Promised Land) church of Christ that meets in Tierra Prometida, Nicaragua. Tierra Prometida is a subdivision of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. Support of this congregation will continue to be a part of Warner's evangelistic effort during 2013. In June of 2012, eleven Warner's Chapel members participated with approximately 60 other Christians from the southeastern US in a Medical/evangelism Campaign in Las Flores, Nicaragua. Plans are currently being made for the June 2013 Medical/Evangelism Campaign for June 14-22 in Rama, Nicaragua. The Warners elders wish to express our appreciation for your continued financial and prayerful support of our mission efforts in Nicaragua. 

  • Panama Work
    • Warners Chapel continues to support Alfonso Smith, the preacher for the church of Christ that meets in Bocas del Toro, Panama. In addition to establishing several congregations on the islands surrounding Bocas del Toro, Alfonso continues to promote the development and growth of the ten congregations that presently exist in the Bocas del Toro area. 

Local Evangelism

  • Bible Correspondence Course
    • Offered to anyone who wishes to learn more about the Bible and the church. 
  • Jule Miller Videos
    • 1-5 along with corresponding study books are available to anyone who would like to use them in a Bible study.
  • Carolina Bible Camp
    • Located in Mocksville, NC the camp offers summer programs for the youth.
  • Fishers of Men
    • Program to teach people how to reach the lost. Paul Kirkpatrick is teaching this course to various congregations as scheduled as well as in the preacherís school. 
  • Lord's Helpers
    • This program plans work for all ages and helps those in need. All age groups will be included to help edify and support one another both physically and spiritually. 

  • Youth Program
    • Warners has a very active youth program consisting of children ages 10-18. They participate in a variety of activities including service projects, weekly devotionals, weekly socials, Bible Camp, VBS, mission efforts, youth rallies and much more.

  • Zone Program
    • Membership is divided into four zones that provide meals for visitors 4 Sundays each month. In addition the zones rotate responsibility for providing meals to families who have had deaths or setup bridal and baby showers.

  • Community Outreach

    • Friends and Family Day - Special days planned for inviting friends and family throughout the year.

    • Heart to Heart, House to House Publication - written by Christians and mailed to residents of the Clemmons and Lewisville area. Warners Chapel has the opportunity of presenting the truths of the Church introduced to all that receive the publication. This mailing is on a semi-monthly basis. This work has resulted in people visiting the worship services.
    • Food for Shut-ins is provided every Tuesday and Thursday 


  • Mount Dora Children's Home
    • Provide labels from different participating companies to purchase equipment for the school.

  • Assisting the Needy

EMAIL or call us if you have any questions about these works.

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